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The traditional hotel  Stoikos dominates the entry of the famous village of Pelion, Byzitsa.
Byzitsa is located 32 km from Volos and 10 km above the village of Kala Nera. In order to reach Byzitsa you follow the coastal street, that leaves from Volos. You will in succession pass the villages Agria, Lehonia, Malaki, Gatzea and Kala Nera having always at your right side the sea. 

Leaving Kala Nera you meet an intersection and turn left, ascending the mountain. After 7 km you find the village of Milies. You pass through it and in 2 km you reach Byzitsa. In the entry of the village, at the left side of the street, is our hotel.

An alternative way so as to reach Byzitsa is depicted below: Following the coastal way, that it was mentioned before, after leaving Volos, when you reach the village of Lehonia, you turn left in the mountainous street to Pinakates. You will pass the village of Agios Vlasios, Agios Georgios and after 15 km you will arrive to Pinakates. Continuing, after 3 km you get to Byzitsa, where you will find our hotel, in the right side of the street at the end of village.
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Volos Airport


-Anhialos Airport: (24280) 76886

-Volos Port Authority: (24210) 28888

- Flying Dolphins  Seacraft (24210) 39786 / 39787

-KTEL - Volos Bus Station: 33253 / 25527

-KTEL - Athens: (210) 8317186

-KTEL - Thessalonika: (2310) 543087

-KTEL - Patra: (2610) 222164

-National Railways Organization of Greece (OSE):  28555 / 24056

-OSE (Athens): (210) 524 0646

-OSE (Thessaloniki): (2310) 517517

-Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT): 24915 /  36233

-Prefecture of Magnesia: 70951 / 70932

-Volos Town Hall: 21111

-Police - Tourism Department: 72420 / 72421

-Volos General Hospital: 27531

-Hospital in Volos: 27531 / 39225 / 30012


VIZITSA - Area Code 24230

-Municipality 86890

Vyzitsa, Pelion, Greece
Tel.: (+30) 2423086406, 6972533807 & 6948855616
Cell: 6972533807 & 6948855616
Fax: (+30) 2423086406

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