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Pelion, the marvellous mountain of Centaurs, constitutes an ideal destination for all year long, winter and summertime, offering to the visitor an outstanding combination of mountain and sea.
The rich vegetation, the revitalizing air of the mountain, the easy access to the sea, the stunning local architectural and all sorts of beauties that the landscape brings out, makes it a place of recreation and well-being.

One of the most famous villages of Pelion, is Byzitsa, with the beautifully renovated mansions that give a particular aesthetics in the landscape. It belongs in the traditional settlements that are protected from the free layout, as strictly preservable, and as a result it brings out the unique local architecture. 

It constitutes a nodal point for the visitor that wants to enjoy the mountain, to have easy access (9 km) to the serene waters of Pagasitikos Gulf, but also to the impressive aquamarine beaches of Aegean, as well as to explore the around villages. It is located 32 kilometres from Volos and is found in altitude of 500 metres.

Historical data:

The history of Byzitsa is identical with the remainder villages of Pelion that were firstly inhabited round the 16th century. Byzitsa was preferred and it was dwelled by Greek Egyptians to whom they are attributed most of the mansions, that you will admire wandering about the old stone paths of the village.

The rebirth of Byzitsa began from 1976, when the Greek Organism of Tourism began the restoration of the mansions, which afterwards they were delivered to their householders so that they can become guesthouses. 

Sightseeing s:

The imposing restored stone mansions of passed centuries. The paved with slabs square of the village with the very tall shady planes and the stone-built fountain. The cobbled-stone pavements of the village. 

The roofed fountains with the elaborate engravings and the crystal water. The churches with the beautiful holy paintings. The monastery of   Agios Ioannis o Prodromos   (Saint Ioannis the Precursor) that was built in 1789 and the church of   Zoodoxou Pigis   (Lifegiving source) built in 1725.

Each year occur in Byzitsa, a lot of cultural events, but also local dancing festivals, commonly known as   panigiria  , as the festival of Agion Anargyron on the 1st of July, Virgin Mary on 15 August and, finally, Agios Ioannis Prodromos on 29 August, where at the eve of the celebration is shared fava beans and meat with rice in the many pilgrims and visitors. 

All are most welcome to participate in the feasts, with the traditional music and the songs, to dance, drink and taste the local treatings.


In Byzitsa you can find five tavernas-restaurants and three cafe-bars, that can offer you adequate choices so as to enjoy the local cuisine, your drink or coffee.


Byzitsa, because of its   nodal   place constitutes an ideal starting point for routes with car, but also for walks in the paths of the mountain, in order for the visitor to know the around villages of Pelion, for campaigns in the beaches of Pagasitikos gulf, but also the Aegean, as well as for easy access in the beautiful city of Volos. 

It belongs in the mountainous villages of Municipality of Milies. It is located two kilometres from Milies, where one can visit the temple of Pammegiston Taxiarhon with the astonishing holy paintings and the particular architecture (where also was declared in 1821 the revolution of Thessalomagnisia from Anthimo Gazi), the Historical Library, the Folklore Museum, but also the old railway station or even to enjoy an unforgettable ride with the famous train of Pelion. 

Furthermore, ascending the mountain, the visitor meets in 2,5 kilometres the graphic village of Pinakates, with the beautifull houses and mansions, an impressive neoclassical fountain at the square and, continuing his course, at five kilometres, the traditional village of Ai-Giorgis with the immense view in the sea, the eminent museum of sculptor Nikolas, but also the ecclesiastical museum. 

Beyond, however, from the neighbouring villages, having as a base of operations Byzitsa, the visitor has the possibility of knowing all the villages of Pelion, mountainous and coastal, that each one distinguishes for his beauties.

Nature lovers that like walking can enjoy splendid routes in the paths of the mountain. An old path leads to the old railway station of Milies (distance roughly 1km and a biggest one, approximately 8 km, crosses the forest and one impressive ravine, leading to the monastery of Agion Taxiarhon. Continuing you will find yourself in the traditional settlement of Argyreika and then arrive to the coastal resort of Kala Nera. The boldest can discover the path that crosses the forest and leads to Xoyrichti and Tsagarada, from where they can reach the impressive beach of Mylopotamos. Also there is a path that leads to Chania and Agrioleykes, yet this one, can it be done, only with a guide.

Vyzitsa, Pelion, Greece
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